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Massage helps improve circulation, soothes nerves, relaxes muscles and helps to ease pain and tension.
Black Prince Massager

Professional, Powerful, Full Body Massager
An absolute must for active people with positive massage action through the fingertips to all parts of the body.

220 volts 55 watts
UK / Europe voltage
(Please check your country)
2 speed Vibration Therapy
Weighs approx 780grams
Comes with 2-pin plug 

I have used The Black Prince massager in my clinic for about 15 years with a great response from my clients (backandfootclinic). I find it excellent on tennis elbow / knees and ankles as my fingers wrap around the joint.

It can be used by the individual or as a practitioner on a patient.

The Black Prince massager goes on your hand, the vibration goes through your hand and onto the affected area. The rubber pad on the machine transmits the vibration motion through the back of the hand to the finger tips and onto the body. As it is your hand and fingers on the body it can adapt to fit all the joints and muscles.

The Black Prince Electric works was established in 1997, and considers itself India’s first massager manufacturer.

ISO 9001-2008 certified company
CE  approved products, JAS – ANZ

UK seller
(UK taxes all paid - so no surprises if you have bought items from overseas).
I will accept postage paid returns by buyer to UK.

You're welcome to come to Felixstowe to view/try/collect.
Any questions please ask.

How to use

Either hand can be used
Insert 4 fingers into the rear strap and the middle 2 into the front strap.
Choose one of the 2 speeds that is most comfortable.
 Application should be firm but not hard.
 Enough pressure should be applied to stimulate the muscles.
 You can use the whole hand or just the fingertips.
 Apply for about 5-10 minutes per area.
 Don’t overdo it.
 Do not use near water.
 The massager gets warm after long use which is normal
 Unplug after use and let it cool down.


Postage £5.00 UK / £15.00 International
All products are tested before posting.

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